Welcome to Hopp Rider Training

At Hopp Rider Training we are dedicated to improving your road riding to make you a safer, smoother and more progressive motorcyclist. Proven research has shown that crashes involving motorcyclists are caused by lack of skills in 3 major areas: Braking, Swerving and Cornering, and it’s these 3 crucial skills that we address.

Our Better Riding Days EXTRA at Cadwell Park are to practice your cornering skills in the safe environment of a one-way road with no junctions, lamp-posts, bollards etc. This one way road is the track we know as Cadwell Park Full Circuit!  Similarly, our Advanced Machine Skills Days are on one of our airfield sites – with lots of space  to really get to grips with controlling your bike – from basic control, avoidance techniques, right through to serious braking – THE most important skill of all!  We know that this course saves lives because our feedback tells us so, and we believe it to be our most important and effective training! You can also take a day or two out with one of our Instructors for an assessment of your riding, followed with practical real-life advice on the road to bring it all together and apply your new skills to make your ride even safer and more progressive.

Participating in any of our days will surprise you with an instant improvement in your skills and confidence. Take part in all of the disciplines and we promise that you will never look back! We will change both your physical and mental approach to your riding.

Now take a look at our feedback and see what others have said about our training.